This is the home page of the Overnight Underground News. It’s a newsy news blip updated daily, most of the time. Hey, we try. The Overnight Underground News Blip is news, yes, but it’s also parody.

The podcast is hosted by John Ford, that’s me. I have a broadcast background and more than a couple of decades in that biz. I’ve included a short bio below. These days I spend my day in my home studio recording voice overs, so I already have the equipment to record all this nonsense and the media damaged mind to twist and torture the news to my own devices. Nothing is sacred on the Overnight Underground News. Everyone is a fair target, and targets they will be.

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John Ford Bio:

My broadcast programming & consulting career in media spans multiple major markets including Miami, Dallas, Detroit & New York. Including WIOD Miami, WINZ Miami, WZTA Miami, WSHE Miami, WLLZ Detroit, KDGE Dallas, KZPS Dallas, WMJY Monmouth-Ocean & The ABC Radio Networks. I have overseen the success of several formats including: AOR, Classic Rock, Alternative, A/C, Country, Standards and Talk.

In addition to my background in terrestrial and network broadcasting, I have extensive New Media experience, including 5 years as the V.P. of New Media for New York-based media content consulting company Sabo Media, where I helped create & launch a national radio service for PARADE Magazine, produced short form programming for National Geographic Magazine, production consulting for The Wall Street Journal & a national radio service for APB News.

Prior to Joining Sabo Media, I oversaw programming at WIOD Miami with a primary focus of finding & training new talk talent. With an extensive background in digital production & imaging, I have targeted numerous top-10 market stations & overseen production for the ABC Radio 24 hour networks & helped launch new formats & projects including “The Tom Joyner Show” & “Radio Disney.” I have also held Talk Host duties at WIOD Miami, WINZ Miami & KZPS Dallas, was the morning host at KDGE Dallas, evening talent at WSHE Miami, a teacher at Bauder College Miami & Programmed & hosted mornings at WMJY Monmouth-Ocean.

I am a uniquely diverse broadcaster, with a background in Programming, Creative Services & Imaging, extensive experience training Talk talent, a top-10 market Morning Drive, Talk Host, & a background in New Media, Internet trends & programming.

I presently run a number web sites and am also a Certified Apple Technical Coordinator.

Specialties: Radio Programming, Hi-End Digital Audio Production, Copywriting, Creative Services, SEO, Web Design, Talent Management and Coaching